Imke van Oosten Quartet – Life Talks

Written by: Imke van Oosten Quartet

Greetje Kauffeld over deze cd:

To me it was most remakable that although the repertoire on this cd consists mostly of standards, the approach to is so refreshing and unique that they sound like originals. With perfect timing, subtle interpretation and daring, Imke knows how to use her beautiful voice to express the emotions the songs evoke. The way she sings ‘ You don’t know what love is’ and ‘once you’ ve been in love’ is a prime example of this talent. Listening to the accopaniment on this cd, I am struck again by th fact that a small country like ours produces so many young musicians.

Muzikanten :

  • Cord Heineking op bas
  • Jens Duppe op drums
  • Ed Boekee op piano

  • Deze cd kreeg in het vakblad ‘Jazz Nu’ de volgende recentie: